300*200cm Ricoh Gen5 Head LED UV Flatbed Printer

UV Printer

Print Head Cleaning Machine UV Flatbed Printer Cleaning

Washing machine features:

1. High-grade material selection: The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, surface metal baking varnish, stylish appearance, anti-corrosion and durable.
2. the host imports: imported temperature-controlled ultrasound, digital seconds control micro-ultrasound does not damage the printer head.
3. automatic temperature control: fully automatic on-demand setting work, oblique spray, micro-blocking cleaning success rate 100%
4. stable and safe: according to the printer head parameters set motor power and micro-excession rate during work, can be washed repeatedly without damage to the printer head.

Operating instructions:
(cleaning work, the operator is equipped with working glasses to protect the eyes)

1. Check the accessories of the whole machine: One host, one set of brackets, two power cords, one cleaning fluid, one recycling bottle, one circulating pipe, one dust-free cloth, two filters, one pair of working glasses, one manual.

print head cleaning machine

2. Open the [cleaning liquid area] on the left side and insert the pe tube into the cleaning solution and the recovery liquid according to the label of the body.

3. Clean the inside of the cleaning cylinder with the supplied dust-free cloth, and then install the bracket on the wire protection sleeve in the cleaning cylinder. The bracket has the hole facing up.

4. The input, output, and cleaning pe tubes on the right side are sequentially drawn into the hole of the bracket.

print head cleaning machine print head cleaning machine

5. Take out the printer head that needs to be cleaned. Firstly, clean the ink inside the printer head manually, wipe the surface of the printer head with the cleaning solution with a clean cloth and clean the surface of the printer head.

print head cleaning machine

6. Gently place the cleaned printer head into the hole of the bracket, then insert the printer head “mouth tube” into the printer head inlet, and then insert the two ends of the configured “circulation tube” into the other end of the printer head. In the mouth.

print head cleaning machine print head cleaning machine

7. Turn on the input switch and start to fill the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is balanced with the bracket surface but does not exceed the bracket surface to close the input switch and stop input.

8. Open two clearing switches, start clearing the printer head [direct injection cleaning], and set the temperature inside the host (35~45 ℃). The temperature setting operation is on the left side of the host's electronic display, and the left 1 is set. After setting the value, press the switch at the bottom left, the left indicator flashes, indicating that the operation is normal, and the left 2 is the temperature display reached by the current cleaning.
print head cleaning machine print head cleaning machine
9. At this time, the printer head can be gently lifted up, and the printer head is discharged to determine the blocked condition of the printer head:

9.1. If it is only obliquely sprayed, turn off the two cleaning switches on the side first, then disconnect the “circulation tube” with the straight through as the point, put the two ends into the bracket hole respectively, and finally open the two clearing switches. At this time, clean When the machine enters [Cleaning Auto Cycle], close the top cover of the machine and prevent dust from entering. For the oblique spray printer head, it is perfect to clean the heating cycle for 2~4 hours.

print head cleaning machine

9.2 If the printer head is found to be clogged, then the side continues [direct injection cleaning] for 3~6 hours. If the improvement is not big, then it will be changed to [cycle cleaning] for 3~6 hours, and it will need to be carried out 5~10 times. Super] work, each time the micro-super time must not exceed 60 seconds. The micro-super setting is set on the right side of the main unit, and the right 1 display is the set time value (minutes). After each setting is 01 value, press the lowermost switch on the right side to start the automatic micro-super

(Note: When the micro is over working, the operator can't leave, and the timeout will damage the printer head.)

10. After cleaning, close the cleaning switch and open the output switch to recover the cleaning liquid into the recycling bottle in time. Generally, one cleaning solution can continue to be used within three days after opening, and the three-day side has lost due to the principle of chemical evaporation. Cleaning effect.