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The reasons and solutions for uv printer flying ink and cross color


The main reason for uv printers to fly ink:

For static electricity, if the uv printer is in a low humidity environment and the environment is dry, static electricity is easily generated between the print head and the material, so that ink flying may occur during the printing process.

If the voltage of the print head is too high, if the voltage displayed on the head of the print head is bright red and alarm, the flying ink will appear during the use.

When the machine is used for a long time, there will be a situation where the machine print nozzle is broken, which will inevitably lead to the machine flying ink.

The electronic control system controls the pulse interval of the printing nozzle to be unreasonable.

The electronic control system controls the pulse distance between the ignition of the printing nozzle to cause the flying phenomenon.

The print head is too high. Generally, the height of the print head and material should be between 1mm and 20mm. If the print head exceeds the range of its own spray, it will definitely fly.
For flying ink caused by static electricity, you need to add an electrostatic bar or add a ground wire to shield it.

✔The print head voltage is too high, you need to modify the circuit board, or change the circuit to avoid this problem.

✔ Print the test strip and check the condition of the print head. If it is found to be blocked or faint, you need to clean the channel of the print head to keep it open. The solution to the disconnection of the print head needs to check the condition of the print head frequently to see if there is any illusion or blockage. If it needs to be processed immediately, the flying phenomenon cannot be avoided.

✔Electronic control system problem, this requires special technicians to carry out maintenance to solve.

✔The distance between the print head and the carrier is too high, so it is easy to solve them by shortening their distance.

The uv printer has some shortcomings, but it does not affect his popularity, because its biggest advantage over traditional printers is that the printing material is not subject to any restrictions, enabling direct printing, one-time imaging, and its printing effect far exceeds the traditional Printing effect, can also achieve the embossed personality customization effect, eliminating the need for past repetitive processes such as plate making, filming, color registration, etc. Nowadays, the products are more and more complicated, but no matter how complicated, uv flatbed printer can realize once. Printing, what companies are pursuing is creating value for users far beyond the price of the machine itself!