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Do you know the main role of UV lamps in UV printers?


What is the main role of UV lamps in UV printers? Do you know that the most important part of the UV curing unit is the UV lamp unit? The following small series will talk for you;
If it is a UV or the like on a small inkjet printer, it cannot occupy a volume and needs to be easily disassembled. It can also be set up in the office so that it can be used as a copy machine. There is also refrigerating air, which can be kept constant using the surface temperature of the illuminating lamp valve, but it is necessary to cool the surface and then use air to cool. A stable image can be obtained without a very familiar technique.

The illuminating output of the UV lamp is stable and the life of the device is long, and the device is affected by the illuminance, the luminescence spectrum, and the temperature at the time of the curing reaction; the output of the high illuminance and the spectrum are matched. When the UV curing process first requires UV ink to be sprayed onto the surface of the substrate, the photoinitiator becomes a free radical, and the monomer and prepolymer continue to react, finally forming a high-light polymer.