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UV curing ink performance and application range


UV printer ink is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly ink that can be hardened and adhered by UV light (ultraviolet light). The output is dry at the moment, so the delivery time can be significantly shortened. Non-absorbable materials such as resin, glass, and metal can be printed. The rich ink series (soft, neutral, and rigid) can be used according to the application and materials. From small jewelry to large plates, architectural and industrial design, the pattern can be printed.

Part 1, Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ozone-free ink
After the UV irradiation, the pigment is directly attached to the material and hardened, so that VOC is hardly generated. In addition, it is not a short-wavelength ultraviolet ray that generates ozone, so it is not only environmentally friendly, but also an environmentally friendly ink that is concerned with the health burden of the operator.
Korea UV flatbed printer ink
Part 2, UV ink curing method
1. UV irradiation with LED light source to solve the problem of halogen lamp, such as: long idle time, large power consumption, large size of light source, short service life and high heating temperature.
2, energy saving and long service life Compared with halogen lamps, the power consumption and heat generation of LEDs are greatly reduced. Not only energy saving, but also a significant increase in lamp life, it is beneficial to reduce waste.
3, less heat, so the use of the material range is less heat when UV irradiation, such as for acrylic plates, PVC film, PET, etc., when the surface or shape is easily affected by heat, the material can also change Highly colored and detailed printed products.

Part 3, UV ink application range
The material has high applicability and a wide range of applications, such as: inks for gifts, promotional gifts, plates, ink types suitable for printing on touch panels, suitable for body wrapping and various packaging. The ink type of the surface or stretch material.
Taiwan UV flatbed printer ink
requires attention:
1. White ink and clear ink can be used in a richer color. When using transparent material, a layer of white ink is printed on the bottom layer of the full color image to have more vivid color performance.
2, only use color ink, all the colors will be light, can not reflect the original color.
3, white × full color ink, white ink can prevent light from passing through, can present the vivid feeling of the photo itself.

Part 4, UV ink and nozzle relationship
1. Different nozzles correspond to different UV inks and cannot be replaced at will, otherwise the nozzles will be blocked;
2, the quality of UV ink not only affects the quality of printing, but also affects the life of the nozzle;
3, usually UV ink shelf life of 1 year, do not use expired ink, easy to block the nozzle.