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How to make the printhead of UV printer like the new?


UV printer print head maintenance methods are available in four ways, including initial installation, routine maintenance, fault maintenance, and maintenance during the fake period:

After the equipment is installed, the equipment is initially installed to maintain the print head.
In order to get the print head into optimal operation, before the UV printer officially begins to undertake the production business, please be sure to print some pictures as much as possible in 1-2 days. The picture is best CMYK/LC/LM/W 7 colors. Used, and add color bars on both sides of the screen to ensure that 7 print heads are always in the inkjet state.

How to maintain the print head after the daily work is completed

In the off state
After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the print head in optimal working condition and to avoid clogging the nozzle due to UV ink evaporation, please follow the method below to maintain the device and let the device stay overnight.
1. Turn off the UV printer power supply.
2. Clean the non-woven fabric with a special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution onto the non-woven fabric to make it wet.
3. Move the handpiece back to the rightmost cleaning station and tightly bond the nozzle to the nonwoven.
4. Keep this state for the device to stay overnight.

Power on
1. Turn off the UV lamp and draw the wind on the platform.
2, print the test strip, check whether the print head status is intact, if not in good condition, continue to maintain the print head until the print head is in good condition (no needle, no oblique spray)
3, do not turn off the computer and software, let the machine standby flash

After the nozzle was found to be slightly blocked, the treatment method was found.
1. Regularly maintain the print head (slightly wipe the print head surface with a non-woven fabric) until the print head is in good condition.
2, cleaning solution maintenance (squeeze the surface of the print head with a sponge stick to the cleaning solution for 1-2 minutes), then wipe the surface of the print head with a non-woven fabric, check the print head status diagram, and repeat the operation several times until printing The head status is normal.
3, combined with the cleaning solution maintenance method, increase the print head correction voltage 1-2V print 2 m * 1 m color block (print the print head state problem color color block) interval 2-3 times check the print head state map until the print head status normal.
4. Do not rinse the print head without authorization. If the print head is damaged, the consequences will be at your own risk!

After the equipment is installed, the equipment is initially installed to maintain the print head.
The UV printer is not used for a long time, and the printer's print head is easily blocked. Especially during the Spring Festival, the temperature is relatively low, and the ink is prone to deposits and impurities after being frozen. Ensure that the room temperature is between 20 ° C and 30 ° C. If the temperature is too low, it may cause serious damage.