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The UV printer has been widely used in the home decoration industry. Among them, the UV board printer has greatly increased the added value of the board for the processing of wood boards, and is deeply loved by people.

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Print sample effect

Stability, wear resistance. Home-decorated wood panels are often in contact with the outside world, which puts great demands on the friction resistance and water resistance of the ink. If you think about a house that is not easy to renovate, it is impossible to reprocess it because of the color of the floor or the pattern on the background wall.

Therefore, first of all, the UV curing of the UV board printer is good, and the high-power LED and the like can cure the ink quickly, avoiding contact with dust and the like, and affecting the firmness. So go to the manufacturer to proof the test and understand the real print results.
wood printer
Machine structure

The planks, especially some solid wood panels, are weird. Printing on a platform of a UV board printer is a challenge for the UV board printer platform. If the platform's load-bearing capacity is poor, then for a long time, it will definitely be stressed and deformed, and the car will be difficult to print smoothly.

Therefore, when we purchase UV wood-panel printers, we should choose high-quality steel-cast frame steel beams, so that the overall frame rigidity can meet the needs of industrial grades, and it can easily cope with various heavy materials.

Ink standard

Environmentally friendly ink. The wood panels are installed indoors, and the air is generally circulated, so safe and environmentally friendly UV inks are essential. When purchasing a UV board printer, we must understand the manufacturer's optional ink, and the green does not contain the minimum standard of VOC ink.

And this is also in line with international environmental standards.

After sales service

Finally, I have to say that after-sales service, purchase UV board printer, must choose a good reputation, strong manufacturers, can provide fast and professional after-sales service nationwide, the first time for you to solve various machine failures, to ensure You continue to produce efficiently.

In the current era of diversified needs, I believe that having a UV flatbed printer, coupled with our quality service, will certainly earn more profits.