LED 250*130cm UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Gen5 Head


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How about UV flatbed printer, porcelain is the most common material in our life, he can be made into various decorations, living containers, decoration materials, creative gifts, porcelain packaging, etc., widely used, involving our lives. All aspects, so the market prospects are very large. The UV flatbed printer is an advanced device that can print directly on the surface of porcelain.
So what are the characteristics of UV flatbed printers?

UV flatbed printer It uses the principle of inkjet nozzle to directly print the color pattern onto the surface of the porcelain. At present, UV flatbed printers have gradually moved to various porcelain fields, and many manufacturers in the porcelain industry are already using them. It is a machine with good performance and high cost performance.

UV flatbed printers are simpler than traditional porcelain printing processes, with simpler processes and lower manual requirements. The UV flatbed printer uses a special UV ink, which can be quickly dried and cured after being irradiated by the UV lamp of the machine itself, which saves the drying time of the ink. Moreover, it can print embossed and three-dimensional effects, and can also use surface treatment such as varnish and injection molding to increase the value of the product.

The UV flatbed printer adopts the computer graphics software to output the printing method, realizes the small batch personalized production of porcelain, can carry out multi-picture color printing of multiple products at one time, reduces the cost of single-plate printing, and greatly expands the profit margin.

However, UV flatbed printers also have the disadvantage that they can only print porcelain products with a flat or curved surface drop of less than 5 mm. Therefore, porcelain printing machines are mostly applied to porcelain wall, floor, tableware, murals, creative gifts and so on. With the continuous development of porcelain inkjet printers, continuous breakthroughs in precision, efficiency and cost will surely become more and more widely used and become a new trend in market development.