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Phone Case

UV flatbed printers are famous in the mobile phone case industry because of the most popular protective cover for mobile phones in society.

The device of the mobile phone shell printer is suitable for printing of multiple materials.

The equipment of the mobile phone casing printer has a relatively professional industry distinction in terms of the printing and printing industry.

In the leather industry, the traditional printing process generally has a single screen printing color and a simple transition color;

Large-scale equipment that can color CA boards can be expensive and has high material requirements;

Thermal transfer will destroy the material;

The traditional printing method in the crystal industry is the crystal film process;

The plexiglass industry is screen printing, while the metal industry uses pad printing or thermal transfer.

So once you have a universal printer, you have a stronger competitive advantage than your peers.

CF-1810 uv flatbed printer

The device for the phone case printer is ideal for photo printing that requires color transitions.

Traditional printing methods, such as silk screen printing, can hardly make all color transitions according to the picture, so the effect of silk screen printing will have a clear color boundary. In the middle of the two colors, it is difficult to reflect the color transition according to the picture itself. In particular, many products require high-precision, high-complexity patterns such as printed trademarks and logos, and the application of gifts and handicrafts is more extensive.

The equipment that can print CA board can meet this demand perfectly, which fully reflects the strong market potential, breaks through the bottleneck caused by screen printing, thermal transfer and other printing methods, and finds new profit growth points for customers.

The device of the mobile phone case printer is suitable for more professional applications in the remote industry.

Devices that can color CA boards can change the printed content at any time, change the printing effect, and can perform one-to-one digital printing without the tedium of plate making. There are product codes on the metal nameplate behind many products, and each group of codes corresponds to each product;

Factory employee badges and work permits can also be printed according to one-to-one numbers, as well as avatar photos. Universal printer making programs are simple and inexpensive.
phone case printing

Simple printing steps

The equipment of the mobile phone shell printer does not require the steps of plate making, printing, and repeated coloring, and does not require various types of tools and materials required for screen printing and thermal transfer.

With a universal mobile phone case printer, you only need to prepare another ordinary computer. An operator can perform the printing operation completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple, and it is desirable to have the experience of the operator. As long as you understand the simple image processing software, you can.
phone case printer phone case print

The printing position of the device of the mobile phone shell printer is accurate, avoiding the problem of positional offset encountered by manual printing. The equipment of the color printing CA board can no longer follow the traditional printing mode and method, and is no longer a simple manual operation and craft printing. Connected to a high-tech computer and combined with automated control technology, it can precisely align the area and position to be printed, avoiding the problem of positional offset encountered by manual printing.

Since it is a one-time multi-color printing, there is no problem of color registration. These advantages can also be combined very effectively with engraving, etching, etc., to print beautiful images in the engraved area, or to perform precise etching after printing.

It can be seen that the product has made new breakthroughs in the industries of engraving and etching, and can play a better role.