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uv flatbed printer print leather

The printing of leather products is mainly based on the upper. The main consumer of shoes is teenagers. Teenagers often have a soft spot for fresh things. A shoe with 3d pattern can attract a lot of attention and promote purchase. Desire, so many manufacturers of shoes have seized the market demand and began to study how to create a new type of shoes to create trends.

Many manufacturers have come here to find UV flatbed printers, because UV flatbed printers are simple to operate, high printing precision, and labor saving.

leather printing

Nowadays, more and more shoe manufacturers have abandoned the traditional silk screen printing and began to purchase UV flatbed printers, which has created an extremely hot scene in the shoe industry.

At present, this kind of 3D printing equipment is used in processing shoe factories all over China. In addition to the upper, leather products processed with UV flatbed printers are also used in handbags, wallets, trolley cases, school bags, Belts, etc.