LED 250*130cm UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Gen5 Head


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Glass products are no stranger to everyone, and they play a pivotal role in our lives.

For example: glass sliding doors, glass wardrobe doors, glass art paintings, glass panels, home appliance glass control panels, glass background walls, glass partitions, glass windows, and other glass with a variety of beautiful patterns, have been widely seen in us In the middle of life.
uv flatbed print glass
The wide emergence also means unlimited business opportunities!

As a result, new glass processes are constantly emerging, and the machinery of the related glass industry has become more numerous. Can print a variety of processes, but also efficient and fast printing but not much.

On this basis, the uv flatbed printer can quickly make a beautiful pattern on the glass to stand out from the crowd.
glass uv printing
Uv flatbed printer printing glass uses piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, which relies on the voltage inside the nozzle to spray the ink in the nozzle to the glass surface, so that the desired image can be formed directly on the glass surface.

And during this time, it does not need to be in direct contact with the glass surface. The uv printer can make a variety of patterns on the glass to achieve a diversified machine.