LED 250*130cm UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Gen5 Head


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Decorative Painting

The design of the background wall is very important. A stylish wall reflects the taste of the owner. The wall is constantly evolving through wallpaper, clay sculpture, etc. Now we can use the UV flatbed printer to make a high-end fashion wall and enhance the whole. The taste of home decoration.

Generally, a set of color carved ceramic tile wall requires three sets of equipment, engraving machine, sand blasting machine and UV flat machine.

The role of the engraving machine is to first engrave the approximate lines of the pattern on the tiles.

The function of the sand blasting machine is to polish more than the pattern to form the effect of the embossed three-dimensional effect. The color-carved tile wall printer is colored at the position of the pattern to form a colorful effect.
UV flatbed printer coloring is the most critical step, and some also use UV varnish crystal curing, but some in order to maintain the original color of the tile on the background wall of the color carving tile, the remaining film of the engraving is not torn off during the coloring. After the coloring, the self-adhesive film is peeled off after the varnish is sprayed, so that the patterned place will be cured by varnish, and the place without the pattern will maintain the original color. Of course, this effect is based on the customer's needs.