LED 250*130cm UV Flatbed Printer Ricoh Gen5 Head


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In the past, acrylic products were of a single product, mainly used in the manufacture of advertising signs, and the market demand was extremely low.

However, with the advancement of UV inkjet printing technology, the UV flatbed printer gives the acrylic material more excellent color, pattern and light performance! Nowadays, it has become an important decorative material in the construction and home furnishing industry. Community, business floors, supermarkets, government agencies, shopping malls, etc. are widely used.
acrylic printing
With the help of UV flatbed printers, we will enhance our living space environment with more and more perfect image.

Compared with traditional glass, acrylic has good anti-oxidation performance, and it will not change color and deform after long-term use. Some children's activity places use acrylic sheet as an alternative material.
acrylic printing
In addition, acrylic light transmission is far better than glass products, some businesses are ingenious, first use the engraving machine to engrave the outline of the acrylic surface, so that the inside is grooved, and then use the UV flatbed printer digital inkjet technology to quickly print out the details. Finally, the beam is emitted from the bottom to the top, so that the inner engraving pattern reflects and refracts the light, thereby displaying a soft contour, fully displaying the unique beauty of light and shadow, and displaying the perfect artistic decoration effect.
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The precise inkjet technology of UV flatbed printer greatly expands the application range of acrylic. It plays an important role in furniture surface, display frame, advertising painting, frameless painting, ceiling, decorative panel, etc., and it has largely occupied the home. market.