printhead cleaning machine


Guangzhou ChunYuQiuFeng Digital Color Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first double-white embossed high-speed printing promoter in the digital printing industry and digital color printing industry. The first varnishing solution is implemented by the company. The company is based on industry demand and is brought together in the industry. The most talented and technical resources, focusing on the development and manufacture of industrial-grade digital printing equipment, the current industrial UV color printing machine uses the Japanese Ricoh all-in-one nozzle, combined with the company's many years of experience, constantly updated and non-stop Innovation, for industrial manufacturing companies and individual entrepreneurs to provide more professional UV printer equipment and complete UV printing applications.

The company's product selection uses domestic mature steel structure gantry and international standard imported parts production (Panasonic, Delta servo electric appliance, THK guide rail, silver screw, Italian imported belt, etc.), the company in line with the integrity of business and steady and steady ideas, the product To achieve excellence, with stable product performance and considerate after-sales service, has laid a solid foundation for the needs of customers in different industries, and also provides long-term product training, operation and training, maintenance training, investment planning guidance, etc. service. The products are widely used in digital mobile phone accessories (mobile phone case / mobile phone holster / IPAI shell surface color printing, etc.), color crystal glass, wood floor digital color printing, textile printing, clothing printing, leather printing, ceiling color personalized printing, furniture digital color printing, Advertising, building materials, etc., in addition to a wide range of applications in personalized processing areas such as cosmetics and craft gifts, wine packaging and tea packaging.

Since the company's products went on the market, it has successfully provided customers with professional technical support and mature application programs, increased the subsidiary value of customer products, strengthened the competitiveness of customer products in the market, and made customers' products from medium and low-grade quality and low-cost concept. Going to an innovative high quality route. The company's products directly cooperate with large-scale mobile phone accessories factories at home and abroad, such as: Huawei, Apple, OPPO and other mobile phone shell processing manufacturers, digital electrical manufacturers cooperation: Lenovo, Midea and Haier. And in the domestic Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, such as Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha and other places more than 1,000 enterprises and individuals recognized, the company through the old customers return to the machine plus machine ratio It accounts for 68% of the company's annual sales; through the benign cooperation with various companies, it has generated tremendous influence in the industry, further expanding the reputation and popularity of Chunyu Qiufeng in all walks of life.

We keep making progress, work hard, operate with integrity, and win-win cooperation! ChunYuQiuFeng warmly welcomes you in Guangzhou.